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Campo  € 99.000


Finca en Alcala la Real

South facing in front of the house is a nice Mediterranean tiled patio with some beautiful trees, like palm tree, a lemon, an orange and some Nerium Oleanders. In winter month you can sunbath at least 4 hours a day without chilly winds. There also is an outside cave which could be used as a garage for a small car, or storage for firewood.

When you enter the house there is a nice living room with wood stove and stairs to an upper kitchen and double bedroom on the first floor. Next to the wood stove is the entrance to a double bedroom in a cave, which is nice and cool during the summer and warm in the winter period. The cave has a window towards the outside cave so fresh air can run through. An other door from the living room goes to a large bathroom.

This is the description of the oldest part of the house. Later they built a stable. In order to get into the former stable, there is a stair with 4 steps.
There is a door to divide the place, and so you could make two fully equipped houses.

The former stable.
On the other side of the dividing door is a large dining/kitchen with double doors leading to the big veranda and a nice terrace. A door in the kitchen leads to a single bedroom with toilet and washing stand.
Next to the stairs of the dividing doors is an other stair leading to a large studio, which has a bathroom, a double bed and its own large balcony. There is an other door to the outside stairs leading to the garden, the Jacuzzi, and the roof terrace.

The house has many terraces, each with its own views and there is always a place where it is nice to relax weather it is summer, spring, autumn or wintertime.
Three wood burners are making sure that the entire house could be nice and warm when needed.

Around the house is a fantastic garden, with waterdrip system, so all stays nice and green in summertime.

Referencia: AMONS
Precio: € 99.000
Superficie: 225 m2
Terreno: 500 m2

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