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€ 50.000


Finca en Arens de Lledo

close to the village Caseres (Catalunya) and Arens de lledo (Teruel)
3 hectare landpiece located onto a river named Algars which is wonderfull for in the summer.
building permits in Catalunya is very hard to get,so here in Aragon we are still doing ok with that.
the majority of the land piece is flat,there are olive,almonds and grapes all over.

The house is build into and onto a very old ruin on top of the mountain,which gives you the 360 degree surrounding fiews.
The house will have a split-level floorplan, with living room facing the village “caseres” and in the living room you will find (when the house is finished) an open kitchen.
At the lower part you will find a separate toilet with has two bowls ,one elderly and one for the kids,nextdoor you find the bathroom and a bedroom from where you can step out in the morning to enjoy the sunset.
Above these bedroom you will find two bedrooms more (one is build over the hallway and the bathroom, the other is facing the same as the downstairs bedroom)
From the entrance you will step into the hall from where you can step into the living area or to the 4th room with the possibility to build: or a closet or a second bathroom.
The house will have the old character from ancients ago connected with the present.
The septic tank is already connected.
The house itself stands on the most beautiful spot on this part of the mountain and the “lower deck” is where the polytunnel is and the almond trees, on the lower terraces you will find much more almond trees and a whole lot of rest in this area.
Power will be by alternative methods which is in Spain very normal “out there”
this house still needs work,so a buyer with a constructors back ground could finish this project along the way.
there is a permit for building a barn ( 7x3 ) on a lower part,which is located right next to the house,but you cannot see it from up the higher location,the building plot for that barn is already been dugged out of the mountain,right next to the road leading to the house,the distance therefor from the barn tto the house is just several meters,which would be great to install the main water supply and your electric systems.
the environment is so quiet,you will not hear : trucks,trains,no airports sounds,no traffic jams,just you,the family together with nature and its habbitants (sometimes you can even spot deers to here)
but you are not in the middle of no where,cause the N420 is just 10 min. away,from there you can reach other villages and towns.
driving from up here to the coast takes you not even 45 min. reus airport is about 1 hour by car.
asking price of this finca : 50.000.-
rent to own might be considered.

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Precio: € 50.000
Superficie: 100 m2
Terreno: 25.000 m2

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