Casa en Calaceite, Teruel

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Mayor  € 120.000


Casa en Calaceite

Townhouse in one of the main streets of the charming village of Calaceite, completely renovated 18 years ago.

The total area is 162 m2 and the ground floor has an area of 54 m2, consisting of a garage with space for two cars, a toilet and a space that is currently used as a workshop. The first floor consists of an apartment consisting of a living room, a dining room and a kitchen with pantry. The second floor has a bathroom, two babies, and a laundry room. The top floor consists of a terrace with views of the Port Mountains.

The house is equipped with appliances, chimney and central heating. The staircase is made with olive tree nosings.

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Precio: € 120.000
Superficie: 162 m2
Terreno: 54 m2

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